Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Puppy Breath.

I'm addicted to gross things. Avid readers and good friends should know this.
Straight teeth are a turn on, but they sure don't match up to something like Spina Bifida, gigantic crooked noses, bleeding wounds afflicted for obscure reasons, dinky eyes or legs - the list goes on.
The addiction spawns from a love of doing gross things.
And I wonder why I'm still single?

I love the smell of puppy breath. When I'm around puppies, I'm the biggest sucker for the puppy with the worst puppy breath. Forget the cute ears and wet noses, its the puppy breath. I used to be for the ugliest puppy there.
When I was a kid, my dad brought me to look at these cute little jack russell pups. I was so excited.
He wanted me to get the pup that looked like Wishbone - and if you dont know who Wishbone is, Google it right now - but there was this disgusting, dirty looking little throwback pup. He was all wiry and poo-coloured brown, and definately didn't look like a jack russell.
I picked him, and we named him Fugly. Because thats exactly what he was.
He was a total gun of a dog; he played soccer with me when I was a kid, when I thought I was going to be Australia's Next Big Thing. I got so good at playing soccer with Fug, that I joined my primary school Girls Team. I was thrown off because I was such a shit player; the principal was the coach, and he alikened me to an eager puppy that just got in the way.
Thank you, Fugly.
In the end, we had to move to a house that didn't allow dogs, so we gave him to my uncle.
Two years later, he got hit by a car, chasing a bird.

I was reviewing pick up lines with Cody today. I think we discovered why my pick up skills have completely diminished. The conversation began when I complained (as per fucking usual) that everyone has more sex than me.
According to Deez Nuts' "Sex Sells", the ideal woman measures 36", 24", 36".
I measure 46", 28", 47".
Fuck you, Deez Nuts.
Don't be hatin' on my ghetto booty and tits.