Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rebirth of Vicious Girl.

Vicious Girl: Able to rip your head off everytime she opens her mouth!

I took myself shopping today, in hope it may make me feel a little better.
Oh, what a misconception that was.

I got stuck in a mash of people - why was a Sunday so fucking busy?! - who were all little pre-pubescent tweens, congesting up the footpath for what seemed like a fucking lifetime: I approximate something closer to ten minutes, which is a lifetime caught between four hundred girls who think the world is going to end when their first pubic hair appears.
I walked behind them, secretly wanted to smack each one of them over the back of the head, or give them a sharp kick in the back of the knees, in hope they'd clear a path for the people who actually had to do shit.
In the end, I shouted at them to "GET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!" and bulldozed through them. I furthermore recieved juvenile abuse from them:
"Shut up, you skank!"
"What a fucking whore!"
All of these girls had been beat with the ugly stick far too many times. And god had not gifted them with the ability to think of better comebacks. Ergo, I laughed.

My tirade continued quietly, first with snapping at some poor, unexpecting salesman trying to sell me some kind of nail treatment, everytime I walked past.
"I told you no, like, ten minutes ago! FUCK OFF!"
And I would storm away.
And then!
We come to the escalators....

The Westfield escalators, whilst conveniant for some, they're a waste of time, effort, space and money. I love escalators, when used for their purpose of getting you somewhere faster.
That's the point: you walk up them like stairs, to save time.
Not to stand around, talking to your equally morbid obese boyfriend and blockign the fucking way, while the thinner, hungry, angry people behind you want to slice you up into hamburgers.
At least old people have the sense to stand aside, so AngryGirl can get the fuck through. No fucking chance, when there's five gigantic, thunder-thighed, apparently "Starved" fat people standing in a little Krew, talking about the delicious fatty-foods they can order.
Go buy a sandwich, you fat motherfuckers.
Listen to Jarrod from Subway - He lost 150 pounds eating sandwiches.
I wonder why he lost so much eating salads.

We're living in a time where super-thin models are helping our kids stay thin, instead of self-loathing, obese, pre-pubescent, acne-infested Twi-hards. (twilight groupies).
And Geelong Westfield puts in two escalators, direct to the Take-Out foodcourt.
Way to promote healthy living, Westfield, you incompetant morons.

There should be a rule that only Elderly, or people in a rush, should use escalators. Healthy people, obese people and young children can take the fuckign stairs.

Work off those burgers and fries, you lazy fuckers.