Thursday, November 20, 2008

London Callng.

I've had this week off of school.
And so far, I've done nothing but sleep, take Cold & Flu tablets and piss off my friends.
I missed out on my very straight-edge friend Chantelle's birthday lunch in G-town, due to me sleeping most of the day, waking up and then trying to convince mum that if I didn't go, Jo would have my head on a silver platter.
She doesn't know Joanne to be the silent, cannibalistic killer that she is. Mum is still fully under the impression that Joanne is the sweet, tender loving girl that still dances around her room with her hair in pigtails, belting out the lyrics to "Spice Up Your Life" by the Spice Girls.
Joanne is more akin to a lioness, stalking down her Zebra prey (me) and then bolting at top speed across the Savannah, to launch onto my hindquarters and drag me to the ground, before tearing out my esophagus and feasting on me. Sarah, Leah and Chantelle, more similar to the younger lionesses in the pride, have to gingerly beg Joanne to let them have a snack on one of my legs, or maybe, if they're really lucky, part of my rump.

I really do love you Joanne, but you scare the shit out of me. You make me scared to sleep in the same room as you some nights.

In the mean time, Jake and I are talking. And its nice.
I think I can gladly say that he's probably one of the few people who actually put up with my bullshit for any period of time, and still can come out of the other end and continue to make civil human contact with me. It doesn't make me feel so much like an Alien. Geelong does that to people - it either turns you into a Grommet or an Alien, with serious social deformities due to the pollution from Corio Bay. Grommet is totally out of the question for me, simple because I'm a terrible swimmer. I can muster a doggy paddle, and thats it.
At least I can still claim "But I'm from the bush."
Clean air does good things for people, trust me.

He hasn't changed, which is great. He's still a smartarse, and still pretty quick with his wit. He had a bit of a chat with me about how he had given some rude little bitch shit all afternoon, after she had bitched about her boyfriend doing weed.
Weed, i have learnt, is totally harmless.
Unless you smoke it like its your career. Then, you walk around, bent off your tits all fucking day, not really sure of what's happening.
I took my uncle out for lunch the other day, and he was bent as a broken tree. It was pretty fucking hilarious actually. He had no clue, and kept fucking up our order.
"I want 20bits of flake!"
"No, 2."
"No, amy, I want twenty."
"2 bits of flake, please."
Munchies and fish and chips just don't go well together.

My mind has wondered off to London again.
Last night, I had a dream I was living in a squat.
It was one of those totally pointless, useless-to-the-physique dreams that just make you want to do things more. Eg: have sex with that random guy, throw a milkshake on someone, chase your art teacher down the street with a broken vodka bottle...
Anyway, this dream was basically me, in this giant, fuck-off, dirty old squat in London, holding some massive squat party. I asumed it was London, because everyone inside had British accents.
I was totally blind-fucked drunk.
And I was having a great time.
Dirty squat, mass party, blind drunk, with some crazy tripper band playing in the background.
Maybe it was an omen?
Most likely a premonition.

Anyway, for your own viewing pleasure, here's a few videos that I've been watching on YouTube. Fuuuuck, I love youtube as much as I love ebay.

Ab Original - Charlotte/Fuck Eet

Mystery Jets - Hideaway

Not the best sound quality, but this song is probably the best song off their new album.

Mystery Jets - Behind the Bunhouse.

Blaine, I'll take you behind my bunhouse anyday, you sweet voiced, curly haired skinny man.

Devendra Banhart - Carmansita

This guy eclipses multi-cultural cheap-videos and long hair-bearded sexiness.
I don't care if you can't speak spanish (?) this video and the way the whole entire song is put together is just really fucking clever. Its catchy, and I don't even understand what he's singing.
Check Little Yellow Spider for the most amy-like lyrics you'l ever hear.

The Veils - Lavinia

this is possibly a song that changed my entire teenage life. I heard it fucking ages ago, just as I was coming into my teens. its off "The Runaway Found" album, and was released in 2004.
But no matter where I am, what I'm doing, or what's going down around me, it just makes a lot of sense.
And even now, I still have no idea what its about.

The Veils - Advise for Young Mothers to Be

A good example of a singer's voice changes and range. And what 25 infants and a lot of pink can do for a band...
I like it, but still doesn't top my love for Lavinia.


The funniest fucking porno film you'll ever fucking see.
I could watch it over and over, and just giggle my fucking tits off.