Thursday, November 6, 2008

Street Cred.

In the name of all that is holy, if another black guy who claims to be from Sydney, supporting a picture of himself half naked somewhere, I'm going to buy him a t-shirt, make him a new email, teach him how to speak fucking english and then tie him to a powerpole on some unknown highway in the middle of bumfuck nowhere and bludgeon him with a wrench.

I'm sorry, mahamoud_69, but until you learn credible English, learn to write using vowels, buy some clothes and not talk to me as if I'm a prostitute fresh off a corner in Saint Kilda, you're never going to re-appear on my contact list.
wanting to "Mke ht sex to my sugar thys bby;" and rub "my rockhrd dck between your tits" does not turn me on; it just reaffirms how much I currently hate men.

For starters, there is only one man on my contact list with 69 in his address, and thats Simon. Simon knows how to speak his native language, along with another. He wears nice clothes, talks to me as if I'm a pleasant human being and is really quite articulate.

69 in email address really pisses me off.
You cannot expect someone to possibly take you seriously with 69 in your address.

As for Street-Cred.
My street-cred is that of a 4 year old girl, standing in the middle of the street with blonde pig-tails and pretty little pink bows, crying her dear little hear out because she dropped her ice-cream.
I don't text in short-hand, I don't speak like a gangster chick and I certainly do not support gang-bangs, huge chunky gold chains and booty girls.

Lil Kim had the fat taken from her arse, and injected into her breasts.
Who in god's fucking name does that?
Would it not be more effective to just get silicone implants?

You can even get this injection now, instead of implants, which lasts 18 months. It makes boobies bigger, and when you go swimming, your tits actually move, rather than going into big, hard, immobile lumps, see Pamela Anderson on the Baywatch set.

At least mine are real.